TaxiNow is a complete suite of taxi apps that provides enterprise support for running a taxi business:

  1. The customer app is used to request taxi rides at desired locations
  2. The driver app manages the customer requests and provides the route and cost for the ride
  3. The web administration module provides full management support for the taxi fleet.


Here is a list with some of the main features for the taxi app suite:

Taxi app: Customer

  • Customers can easily call a taxi from any location, by using the mobile app
  • Only the cars that are in the proximity of the customer are called
  • Once the taxi ride is accepted, customers receive a text message that contains details about the ride
  • The app can also be installed on tablets & interactive kiosks that can be found in public places, such as: airports, hotels etc.

Taxi app: Driver

  • The driver app is used by the taxi drivers to respond to customer calls and communicate with the HQ
  • The driver app sends a video stream from inside the driver's car to the employer
  • The taxi driver can see info about other taxi cars that are on the map
  • The mobile app has integration with SMS API, for sending text messages to customers
  • The mobile app automatically calculates the route and cost of the taxi ride

Taxi app: Web

  • TaxiNow can be used by multiple taxi companies, and each company is able to customize its own administrative details (costs, currency, area etc.), along with taxi fleet assets (cars, drivers, customers etc.)
  • Employers can track and access every taxi ride
  • The Company Manager can see video streams from taxi cars
  • The web module provides the history of all actions performed by taxi drivers
  • The company Manager can call the taxi driver or send him a text message
  • The web app includes enhanced reporting capabilities, for reviewing the company income from the taxi rides, shift changes for a taxi, distances made by drivers etc.

The web app has 3 levels of access:

  1. Super-admin
  2. Admin
  3. Company manager

Each level of access has different permissions for managing the taxi fleet assets (customers, drivers, cars etc).


The following screenshots present the app that the customers uses for requesting a taxi ride, and also it shows the ride request confirmation:

The following screenshots present the app that the taxi driver uses in order to pick up ride requests:

The next screenshots present the app that the Company Manager will use to track the drivers and completed rides, including the live streaming page, where the user can see all the available video streams:

The next screenshots present the driver's mobile app after the ride has been started, and the actual video streaming page (which the Company Manager can access in order to view images from a certain taxi car):



  • Android Studio 1.2.2
  • Java for Android
  • Open Street Maps


  • Red5 streaming server
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012

TECHNOLOGIES used for this Case Study:





Microsoft SQL Server 

SQL Server