Survey BigData Analyzer


Survey BigData Analyzer consists of a suite of applications that covers the entire process of gathering, modeling and interpreting survey information, for the purpose of discovering market trends, customer preferences and hidden patterns.

SURVEY CREATOR - The Survey Creator application allows content managers to create surveys for various areas of activity (retail industry, research activities etc.).

SURVEY DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM - The Survey Distribution System is a service which automatically distributes the created surveys.

SURVEY DATA STORAGE - The data gathered from the completed surveys is stored inside Apache Cassandra clusters.

DATA REPORTING DASHBOARD - The Data Reporting Dashboard displays the resulting information and statistics from the Analysis Service.


Key Features



- The purpose of this suite is to discover market trends, customer preferences, and evaluate supply and demand, by using data gathered from customer surveys

- The suite allows users to create surveys and distribute them across email, social networks or by QR codes

- All data resulted from completed surveys is stored inside Cassandra database clusters

- The data is gathered from the databases by the Analysis Service, and is modeled and analyzed in the Apache Spark framework​​​​​​​

- The gathered data is processed by the Analysis Service and then displayed via the Data Reporting Dashboard








Ruby on Rails






A few diagrams and screenshots








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