StreamNet is an application used to stream videos from the user's computer to a third-party server. The live stream can be viewed by users that connect to the server, from a multitude of device types.

The application can stream from a wide variety of sources, including webcam, screen capture, PowerPoint presentation files or playlists. Image overlays can be added to the stream, from the local computer. The user can select where, on the final video, the image will appear.

The user can also add text overlays, with control over the text, font and size that will appear on the final video.


Key Features



  • Can stream to various third-party servers
  • Can choose from multiple video sources
  • The audio source can be an IP camera, a microphone OR audio files from a playlist
  • Users can create or edit templates, preview the stream, preset global settings and more
  • Includes "click URL" for advertisement purposes














A few screenshots








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