Promotion Campaign Manager


Promotion Campaign Manager is a social platform which gathers relevant online information about a certain brand, from online sources such as: websites, social networks, blogs etc.

The user can start an online campaign for a specific brand, in order to find details about its online presence. The solution can offer information about the brand’s awareness, usage and perception on the market.

The campaign can be personalized based on language, location and more. The user can narrow down the gathered information, based on search terms, editors and readers. Promotion Campaign Manager uses a custom crawler module for gathering information about the brand.

It automatically organizes the online information into various categories, allowing users to easily extract the relevant data. Moreover, it allows users to manually edit the results: modify the properties that are automatically extracted by the system, add comments, merge results etc.

The software can interpret the gathered information by creating reports based on: relevance, traffic and comments.


Key Features



  • Create online campaigns for gathering data about a certain brand
  • Find out what is the user’s satisfaction with a brand
  • Filter the search results of the campaign, for better tracking
  • Explore the results and see quick-stats about the user’s reviews (negative, neutral, enjoyed)
  • Create reports based on the gathered info and export them in .CSV format
  • Functionality for importing project data from .CSV files
  • Functionality for automatically parsing and interpreting data
  • Users can manually edit the extracted data
  • It contains embedded websites that show filtered results
  • Comprehensive graphical charts can be generated









SQL Server





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