Product Advertising Soft


Product Advertising Soft allows companies to promote their products online.

A company can create promotions for its products and launch them on various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.).

Using this tool, users can also create and manage blogs that will promote products. The website can track a certain promotion, show its adoption rate in different countries and present statistics for each individual country.
It allows the creation of surveys for each promotion.


Key Features



  • A company can easily promote certain products on various social networks
  • Blogs which promote products can be created and managed
  • The content and settings for existing blogs can be updated
  • The details about a promotion can be tracked, for each country where the promotion has been initiated
  • It allows a company to see the countries in which a promotion has been initiated
  • Customer satisfaction surveys can be created and shared on various social networks









SQL Server





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