The project was developed for a company who used service technicians to perform various tasks at the client site. Since mobility was an issue, we decided to deploy on technician handhelds an interface that will allow them to document a service visit and obtain a customer signature in acknowledgement thereof

The software allows the technicians to perform operations such as opening, closing, reviewing, and documenting help-desk issues so that the database that tracks these issues can be automatically updated during the PDA synchronization process

As a backup and reference feature, an email is automatically sent to the customer, the service manager, and the billing clerk for record keeping. This email summarizes all work performed so that the work can be manually keyed into the billing system in the event that synchronization is not possible

With this interface client issues can be tracked in as close to ‘real-time' as possible, improving customer service and minimizing the provider work-load

Platform details

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Runtime: Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.0