Online Taxi Application Suite


The solution is a suite of applications that allow users to call a taxi from any location (including bars, airports etc.).

Online Taxi Application Suite can provide the cost, the route, and a video stream from the taxi car to the employers of the taxi drivers. It allows customers, drivers, and employers to easily access and track the route of a taxi ride.

The applications can be managed from a website with 3 levels of access (Super-Admin, Admin, Company Manager) that have different permissions, such as: create customer, create taxi driver, create taxi ride.


Key Features



  • Customers can easily call a taxi car from any location
  • Only taxi cars that are in a certain proximity to the customer are called
  • The customer can call a taxi without providing a phone number
  • After a taxi ride is accepted, the customer will receive an SMS which contains details regarding the ride
  • Ride requests can be seen only by drivers that are located in a specific area
  • The application can send a video stream from inside the driver’s car to the employer
  • The taxi driver can see other taxi cars on the map
  • Integration with SMS API, for sending messages to customers
  • The application automatically calculates the cost of the ride
  • Employers can track and access every ride performed by a taxi driver or a company
  • The app tracks and displays the history of all actions performed by the taxi driver
  • The app can manage multiple taxi companies and city areas
  • The company manager can call the taxi driver or send him an SMS



Java for Android



Open Street Maps





SQL Server



A few screenshots








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