OnCare is a SaaS which consists in a Purchase System for nursing homes.

This application allows users to manage orders, quotes, products and others.

OnCare was built to support Advanced User Rights, which can be set for each user who has access to the system. The administrator can give or deny access for users - to certain areas from the application, or to certain features.

Budget management offers users the possibility to manage the budget per department and to set a weekly, or monthly budget.

Auto Create an Order allows the user to set an order to be automatically created for specific days, announcing the user via email when the orders are created.


Key Features



  • Order, Quote and Product management
  • Approval System, allowing the administrator to set a user who is responsible with approving the order placement for each department
  • Customizable Reports which allows the user to see the selected data in various formats
  • Reconciliation - a feature that offers the possibility to compare multiple invoices for a single purchase order
  • Vendor Portal allows vendors to interface with certain parts of the software, such as: Prices, Purchase orders, Product catalogue and Invoices





SQL Server









A few screenshots








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