This application is an Internet Explorer control that can be embedded into web pages and allows viewing of images in a multitude of formats.

The user interface allows viewing thumbnails and single image, zooming, scrolling, rotating, and creating image annotations. The annotations can be text notes, lines, other geometrical figures or freehand drawings that can be overlaid on top of the viewed image in order to indicate changes, or highlight relevant parts of the image.

The images can be printed with a multitude of options, including the annotations. They can also be saved to the disk in various formats and even sent via e-mail.

Another feature is the support of an easy to use but powerful programming interface that allows the web page to interact with the viewer and control it.

The program is very configurable and the preferences are saved on a user basis.

Platform details

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows Vista/XP
  • Development language: Visual Basic .NET 2008
  • Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0