Home Automation System


Home Automation System is a multiple-platform software which enables the access, monitoring and control of a home, from any location.

The application allows multiple accounts, so that each family member can have their own user.

It can display the exact location of a family member (on a smartphone or desktop), by using GPS positioning. The application runs on all major platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

The app has various features, such as:

Family: This feature gives a user the possibility to keep in touch with family members and see their exact locations;

Inside: This feature enables the control of elements from inside the house (temperature, lights, curtains, music etc.);

Outside: This feature controls the garden sprinklers, the pool temperature, outside lights, etc.;

Safety: This feature can monitor and control locks, security cameras, or sensors;

Reminders: This feature can manage reminders, for all that is needed around the house.


Key Features



  • Real time control and update of the house devices status
  • Wireless operations (messages transmitted over WLAN)
  • XML interoperation protocol
  • Compatibility with interoperation: macOS, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Android





Android SDK









A few screenshots








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