The purpose of this codec is to provide a simple, yet effective way of protecting multimedia content, without the usual discomfort resulted from forcing the consumer to use a proprietary multimedia player application

The solution is to provide a compound codec, which is consists of:

  • A real codec - which can be an existing, standard codec of your choice (considering compression performance, quality, etc)
  • An encryption part - which ensures the security of the multimedia content

 This compound is seen as a simple codec by the operating system and multimedia applications, so it works seamlessly, both for compression and decompression.

Using an existing codec gives the opportunity to choose from a wide range of performance/quality ratios, whichever suits your activity better. The existing codec can be completely integrated in the solution, may be automatically installed separately, or may be one that is already preinstalled with the operating system - the functioning will be the same. The encryption is done using FEAL (Fast Encypherment Algorithm) which is a secure, high speed cipher, capable of processing large amounts of data in real time without using too much computing power - an important requirement for multimedia applications

The result is that the user will not be able to view the content packed with the compound codec unless this one is installed, regardless of whether the actual codec is installed or not. Also, it would be impossible to tell by examining the AVI file, which actual codec was used, since the encoder specific part is encrypted.


  • The compression ratio of the actual codec is unaffected
  • The CPU utilization for compression/decompression is slightly larger, due to the encryption overhead, but unless the actual codec was using itself all the CPU on a given system, this would be unnoticeable

 Packaging - there are two versions of the codec:

  • One for the media producers - able to perform both compression and decompression
  • One for the media consumers - able to perform only decompression

Platform details

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Development language: Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2010