Clear Noise Analyzer


Core Clear Noise Analyzer is designed to measure the ”composition” of a building (for example: warehouses, classrooms, homes etc.), and create an acoustic map for it.

The application allows the user to create and visualize 3D replicas of the building.

The user can select noise source elements (machineries, speakers, TVs etc.) inside the building, in order to generate a detailed report that will include noise areas, reverberations, acoustic performance prediction and more.


Key Features



  • Clear Noise Analyzer allows the user to create an exact replica of a building
  • The user is able to create the desired environment, by selecting from a series of predefined materials for walls, roofs, floors, doors
  • The possibility to add various noise sources in order to generate an accurate noise map of the room
  • The application is able to generate a “heatmap” for the inside and outside areas of the created environment
  • The application gives the user the possibility to add noise absorbers (acoustic panels, fiberglass absorbers etc.), in order to test which combination of material and positioning is the most suitable for their environment






3D Modelling








A few screenshots








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