Children's Financial Education Web Platform


Children's Financial Education Web Platform a web application that is designed to provide financial education to children and support them in the fight against depression, abuse, and bullying. It contains multiple modules.

KID SOCIAL - The module is a social networking service that allows children to create groups, add friends, send messages etc.

KID SHOP - The application consists of an e-commerce platform that allows students to buy various products, including books, toys and gadgets.

KID SAFE - This application allows parents to track the location of their children in real-time.

KID BANK - This application consists of an online banking module that allows students to manage their virtual currency and teachers to award / substract Kid Coins.

KID FORUM - This application is an online forum that allows users to discuss various topics.

KID FEED - This module consists of a Facebook-like Live Feed allowing students, teachers, and parents alike to post new updates, photos, and videos.

"ASK FREDDY" - The virtual assistant prevents children from writing the next word in messaging applications after a spelling mistake and after using a slang word.


Key Features



  • Children can gain and spend Kid Coins, a virtual currency as a complement to their Kid Bank accounts
  • Parents can track their children with the help of Find My Kid, a GPS location finder feature integrated into their child's smartwatch
  • Users are able to report unusual people and vehicles lurking within close proximity of their school using the Stranger Danger feature
  • Profiles can be customized as children can choose their own avatar and cover pictures














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