It allows centralized control (over WLAN) of various devices that can be found in an automated house – doors, lights, air conditioning, entertainment.

The software runs on a variety of mobile devices, such as Pocket PC.


  • Streamlined user interface, specifically designed to fit small devices
  • XML interoperation protocol
  • Real time control and update of the house devices status
  • Wireless operation (Messages transmitted over WLAN)

 This is the default screen of the application:

On the left there are the rooms in the house, while at the top there are the devices in the current room. At the bottom we have the settings for the current device.

The user has full control over the illumination parameters of the room; the small buttons in the device list allow quick adjustments, while the bottom pane provides detailed control.

The entertainment system is fully integrated, including music, radio, TV and DVD playback:

Platform details

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows Vista/XP, Windows Mobile 6
  • Development language: Visual VB .NET 2005
  • Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework ver 3.0