Autocopy is a utility that helps automating tasks such as repetitive file copying from source directories to target folders located on the same machine or on a network share.

There usually are legacy software applications or systems that have just limited or hard coded output options and their output needs to be redirected with more flexibility.

The software will run as a Windows service and will monitor the defined source folders waiting for incoming files. When such files are detected, they will be automatically copied to the corresponding destination folders.

This process has been carefully designed in order to prevent the copying of incomplete files, in the case in which the source application hasn't finished writing the file contents.

The configuration of the system is very flexible and is done by the means of XML rules that specify:

  • The source folder to be monitored and the file extensions to take into account.
  • The destination folder for the rule.
  • The operation to be performed on the file - copy or move to destination.
  • Whether to overwrite or not files that already exist in the destination folder.

Platform details

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
  • Development language: Visual VB.NET
  • Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

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