Developer Time Tracking

Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

This project involved the extension of an existing corporate management site. The site belonged to a major e-business system developer and its purpose was managing internal development activities, tasks and assignments, customer and service information.

The extension was necessary in order to provide better flexibility in tracking the amount of time spent on various activities.


The components of the developed system are the following:

  1. The timesheet - this is the central component of the project and it represents the subsystem actually used for time tracking. The timesheet is an organized view of the activities that were recorded and provides the interface for recording such activities. There are two categories of possible time spans:
  • Task related activities (dependent of specific project issues)
  • Generic activities (such as vacation, conferences, etc.)
  1. Generic activity management - offers a way to define and organize generic activities
  2. Report generation - this feature provides several reports based on the data recorded with the timesheet; for example:
  • Percentage of time spent by customer
  • Percentage of time spent by activity type
  • Developers who exceed the maximum allowed generic activity percentage, etc.


  MS SQL Server Materialize