Brokerage Management Application

Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer

BMA (Brokerage Management Application) is a web application that facilitates the communication between a client that needs to finalize a trade order, an executing broker and a clearing broker.

The application generates the required documents for the trading relationship between the three parties and ensures the secure sending and receiving of such information.




  • Compose various agreements and forms according to legal standards;

  • Import and export files and data;

  • Search functionality with an advanced filter;

  • Export grids as PDF/Excel files;

  • Different levels of application access;

  • Encrypts all Client Information in the database;

  • Send various predefined forms via: Fax, Email, Secure, Electronic.





The following screenshot illustrates the Dashboard, where users can review the number and status of various items within the application:


The following screenshot highlights various advanced filters and the output displayed after performing a search action.  The application allows the user to search for data by using multiple filters: Status, Document type, Account Number, User, Date Sent, Date Received, and more:


The following screenshot displays the Compose Wizard that allows users to manually compose various agreements and forms to interested parties:


The following screenshot illustrates the Import Manager. In this area, users can import various types of files that are processed by the application:



  Symphony Materialize AngularJS Assetic
  C# ASP.NET MS SQL Server iTextSharp eFax



It ensures a secure medium of communication and helps the parties generate and manage the documents with a minimum amount of effort.

With the Brokerage Management Application, you can:

  • Send faxes;
  • Customize documents based on your needs;
  • Know what forms you need to fill out (you won’t forget and you won’t fill out the wrong form);
  • As an admin, manage all types of app’s entities and help users in case they report problems;
  • As an admin, generate various reports regarding users’ activity.



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