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Brokerage Management

This is an web app that facilitates the communication between a client that needs to finalize a trade order, an executing broker and a clearing broker.



Homekit is a cross-platform software which enables the control of your home appliances and devices from any location.

  Casino Games

Core Agent

Core Agent allows agents (promoters) to participate in online campaigns, for promoting the products of a company.


Casino Games Platform

Casino Games is an web app that offers support for playing casino-type games, for sport betting and binary options trading.


Combat MMO

Turn-based strategy browser game, that allows players to develop their characters by completing single and multiplayer missions.


Developer Time Tracking

This project is a web based developer timesheet maintenance, and  involved the extension of an existing corporate management site.


Time Tracker

The Time Tracker application allows complex management of customers, projects, activities and worktimes.


Fingerprint Authentication

This app is an online authentication system based on a biometric fingerprint reader device which offers high security.



TaxiNow (TOL) is a suite of applications (smartphone, tablet and desktop) that allow users to call a taxi from various locations.


Core Marketing

Core Marketing is a social marketing platform which gathers relevant online information about a certain brand.